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How Popular are Philly Cheesesteaks?

By G-Knows | December 12, 2015 | Cheesesteaks, Contests, Recipes, Specials

The Philly cheesesteak could be the most popular sandwich in the United States. While it remains popular among Philadelphia residents, it is also popular all among visitors. Philly cheesesteaks are so popular, it is also mentioned in the city’s tourism brochures and on their website.

It seems that these sandwiches are so popular that tourists have to get one while they are in town. The sandwich unites a cold hoagie with a hot cheesesteak. It is then topped with fried sautéed onions, chopped peppers, sautéed mushrooms, mayonnaise and ketchup. It has finely sautéed quality rib eye or top sirloin steak. The melted cheese is usually provolone or cheddar.

Looking at the Numbers

Every day, about 50% of Americans eat a sandwich. In the average day, there are 300 million sandwiches consumed in the nation every day. Because sandwiches are a favorite meal all around the world, it should not be of any surprise that Philly cheesesteaks are among the most popular sandwiches served up at restaurants all across the United States.

Millions of the sandwiches are sold every day, and there are specialty shops that sell thousands of them day after day. There have become different variations of the sandwich served up across the country. The melted cheese varies from American to cheddar to provolone to Cheez Whiz.

Summing it Up

Sandwiches offer a fast, affordable meal that is tasty and enjoyable. The majority of sandwiches are consumed during lunch, which is usually when people are at work so they are limited on time. Sandwiches are also great for working lunches because they can easily be eaten while you are working.

Sandwiches are also great for gatherings or parties, because they are great finger foods and can be cut into smaller sections. We offer catering services and can prepare trays of cheesesteaks for your next gathering or event. Call us to place an order for your next event.

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